On Safari: Zebra Dusting!

african safari

Zebra Dusting

Zebra Dusting

Zebra Dusting

One of my favorite things I learned on safari was a dance a move called “Zebra Dusting”. It’s so easy and effective. You just find the perfect spot in the middle of the dance floor while making eye contact with as many people as possible. Then, without so much as cracking a smile, you quickly get on your back, throw your legs and hands up and shake, shake, shake, shake. Shake it off.

Hahahah, okay. No.

What actually happened was we ran into a heard of zebras dusting themselves in the middle of the day under the scorching hot African sun. They do this to stay cool. It’s really practical and effective since they never seem to be the animal enjoying a spot under the shade (Those damn wildebeest!).

Our driver admitted that zebra dusting is quite hard to see because it’s unpredictable and happens so quickly. He had a group of visitors that specifically said they wanted to see some zebras dusting themselves, but weren’t able to.

We are the lucky ones.

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