Getting to know Trang Bakery Cafe and Penny the cat

Trang Bakery

Trang Bakery

Trang Bakery

Trang Bakery

I am probably more of a dog person than a cat person. But, in reality, I am a person who can’t have an animal at the moment. My husband and I are too immature and busy, at the moment, to have a little baby (human or animal) depending on us. Plus, I travel a lot to see my family and Jack joins me most of the time.

But when a friend asks me to babysit her cat because she’s going sailing in Croatia, I reply with a jealous “duhhhhhh”. Bel, my friend, gave me the keys to her house and walked me through everything that Penny, her sassy cat, needed. Then she added, “while you’re here you should try Trang Bakery, it’s just down the street”.  

I know Trang Bakery.

Trang is a Vietnamese bakery in Collingwood that brings competition to my long time love N. Lee Bakery. The food, look and feel of both is basically the same. I said thank you for the recommendation but I can only be faithful to one Vietnamese bakery.

On my first day babysitting though, I couldn’t get Penny to listen to me. When I ignored her, she would walk all over my keyboard.

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When I paid attention to her, she’d prefer to eat her plant.


I grew frustrated and decided to get lunch. I left Bel’s apartment and headed towards Smith Street. That’s when I noticed a line outside Trang. This is nothing new, N. Lee always has a line out the door. But it did spark interest. If people are lining up on a Tuesday for lunch, it must be good.

I want to note that lining up for lunch was not betrayal – I was just disguising myself as someone who did not yet have a favorite Vietnamese bakery.

The line went quickly. Before I knew it I was inside of the pristine, all-white bakery ordering their crispy pork roll for a mere $6.45. I watched as my roll was made from the other side of the counter. The veggies laid out of the left looked so fresh and the meat on the right side looked even better. I noticed I was drooling a bit. When she asked if I wanted extra pork crackling, I let my guard down and fell for Trang. Hard.

The first bite of that roll sold me: soft but crispy, so salty and spicy. I loved it, absolutely bloody loved it.

N. Lee will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first Vietnamese bakery, but I can’t just ignore the fact Trang Bakery has come into my life. I now have two Vietnamese bakeries and that’s okay because they have promised to get along. Don’t even think about telling me about a third though – three Vietnamese bakeries is way too many in this modern age.

Trang Bakery and Cafe
382 Smith Street,Collingwood, Melbourne, VIC
Open daily 7am-5pm



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