Robert Gordon Factory Outlet and The Lakeside Mill Cafe

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PSA: Robert Gordon Factory Outlet is currently having a 30% factory prices.

OH MY GOD it is good.

Yes, it’s true that they always have good prices but this is 30% off those already generous prices guys!

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Not to show-off or anything but I visited the outlet last week and walked away with six plates, two bowls, a serving plate and mug for $55. You cannot beat that.

Maybe it’s because I’m renovating a house at the moment or because I’m getting older but I’ve recently become that weirdo that lifts her plate at a restaurant to check where it’s from. Same with mugs, wine glasses, light fixtures and tiles – eating out has become like a real life Pinterest. Sometimes with tiles you have to ask your waitress, but don’t worry that becomes less embarrassing with practice.

50% of the time the mugs that make my heart sing are made by Robert Gordon.

Sadly, I’m not rich – buying one beautiful white plate for $43 is unrealistic. And I don’t like debt. So I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the Robert Gordon Factory Outlet Instagram. Sure, I could never afford the real thing. Whatever. Thing is though, the stock at the factory outlet IS the real thing. They are samples and returns from big accounts (like The Apollo in Sydney!) – unwanted pieces of art, if you will.

Okay, sure. Sometimes you can’t even find three bowls of the same colour and style. And yes, maybe that mug you fell in love with has a small chip at the bottom. But no one will ever see said chip. And said chip caused the mug’s price decrease to $2, which in turn made it mine.

My new plates, while close enough, are definitely not the same shape. Despite that, I will love them all equally and they will get the job done.

Where is this fabulous Factory Outlet you ask? Pakenham!

Before you say that Pakenham is way too far, please meet The Lakeside Mill. During the day, the Lakeside Mill is a cute little neighbourhood cafe. At night it turns into a pumping bar. You can plan your trip to the Factory Outlet to coincide with a breakfast, lunch or coffee pit stop.

From the delicious Zest coffee they serve, to the concrete sinks in the toilets, to the sick tiled bar, to the extravagant lighting set-up, you can tell every inch of The Lakeside Mill has been carefully thought out for the customer’s enjoyment. The menu is no exception.

And yes, of course, their plates are Robert Gordon.

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Robert Gordon Factory Outlet
114 Mulcahy Rd, Pakenham, Vic
03 5941 3302

The Lakeside Mill Cafe
1/38 Lakeside Boulevard, Pakenham, Victoria, Australia 3810
(03) 5940 8700


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