Little Creatures Dining Hall is Closing












If you live in Melbourne and like food/beer you’ve probably heard the terrible news about Little Creatures Dining Hall closing.  It is the end of an era, as they say.

My first dinner in Australia was at Little Creatures – That’s weird to think about. That same dinner was the one where I met all of jack’s friends. All twelve of them. At once. Like ripping a band-aid, as they say.

That experience at the dining hall definitely helped mold my love for Melbourne. I had a delicious meal with local beer in an incredibly fun atmosphere and great company (whose accent I couldn’t yet understand, but that’s a story for a different day). I remember thinking “well, if this is what Australia is like then I’m staying”. And I did stay.

From that night on, Little Creatures Dining Hall became not only a personal favorite, but a sort of safety net. Suggesting Little Creatures as the venue for any type of outing always seemed like a good idea – double dates, rowdy group outings, father’s day, girl’s night, work dinners, birthdays etc. You name it, we probably celebrated it there.

Obviously, I’m devastated after hearing the news. The last week of January will be an somber one in both Fitzroy and my heart.

If you need me this summer, I’ll be at Little Creatures with a pint of bright ale and a bowl of chips (RATED BEST CHIPS IN MELBOURNE BY YOURS TRULY and I totally mean it). You are more than welcome to join me. We can mourn the loss of a great venue, drink away our sorrows, order everything on the menu and look to the future.

When one door closes, a (even bigger) brewery opens. I think they say that.

 Little Creatures Dining Hall 
222 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
(03) 9417 5500


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