Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak

Hong Kong Victoria Peak

Hong Kong Victoria Peak


Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak is touristy, it’s true, but it doesn’t have to be. Going up this epic mountain to see an uninterrupted, stunning view of Hong Kong is on every must-do activity list and rightly so.

You should 1000% get to Victoria Peak but I think you should grow some balls and walk it. If you have time, are fit enough and hate waiting in lines, do it! We left super early and it took us about an hour (and we stopped lots along the way for snacks, photos and ooh-ing and aah-ing).

You’ll be weaving in and out of green and residential areas – it’s fascinating to see how these enormous buildings sit amongst such harsh terrain. We had terrible weather but I can imagine on a warm Summer’s day staying up the mountain would be incredible. It seemed like every building had a rooftop, pool, barbecue and tennis court.

The walk basically follows The Peak Tram all the way up via Old Peak Road. The tram is the real tourist attraction if you ask me. It has a one hour waiting game average. None for me, thank you.

By the time we walked up the mountain and took 5 minutes to explore the shopping centre –yes, there is a legit shopping centre at the top– it wasn’t even 8am. We took The Peak Tram down and were laughing our way to breakfast by 8:05.

Moral of the story? Bring work-out gear to Hong Kong and reap the benefits.






Hong Kong Victoria Peak




Hong Kong Victoria Peak


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