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Aberdeen Street Social

Aberdeen Street Social is versatile and flexible, like that friend you have who’s always up for whatever. She’s the best and so is Aberdeen Street Social. It’s open for lunch and dinner and weekend brunch, and also open all day for casual eating and drinks. This is where you go to stay a while. Not because the food is delicious and the drinks list excites – although those are pretty good reasons, but because you can make your visit anything you want it to be.

The upstairs area offers bigger tables and private dining options. Downstairs has more of a fun bar vibe that extends into a relaxed inside-out seating area. We kept is cas’ (or maybe you spell it caj? I don’t know. Neither does anyone else) in the romantic balcony seating and ordered satisfying cheesy pizza and skinny, crispy fries! It’s not easy finding good fries in Hong Kong so remember this dynamite piece of information.

Even though it’s Modern British cuisine, the atmosphere here is much more french-artist-inspired-by-life vibe but maybe that has everything to do with the restaurant’s proximity to PMQ.

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Creativity has a new address is PMQ’s slogan – it’s a creative colony. The building was once a government school; it has now been taken over by hustling artists of all sorts. Each area serves as the artist’s studio or maker’s workshop, as well as their store. Any products not handmade are carefully curated. You can find photographers, illustrators, fashion designers, cooks, leather workers. You dream it, they’ve got it. It’s all so inspirational.

My suggestion to you: visit with time to spend and money to part with. There is no way you’ll be waking away empty handed.

Also, if taking cooking classes abroad is your thing check the ABC’s Cooking School’s schedule ahead of time. One of my biggest regrets is not fitting in a class on making wagashi.

Once all that shopping and inspiration has wiped you clean of energy, make your way to Sohofama. Their outdoor patio – equipped with an beautiful urban mini farm – is the perfect place to recharge while sipping on fancy cocktails. You’ll probably be inspired to order some of their modern organic Chinese food. Please do.

Ugh, so much inspiration in ever corner. Will it ever stop? Doubtful.



Aberdeen Street Social


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