Zion National Park

Zion National Park









“People don’t know that being a ranger means doing a lot of paperwork. They think it’s all fun and games” said one of Zion National Park’s rangers as he was getting into one of the parks many shuttle buses. The woman sitting closest to the him nodded in agreeance before looking around and wondering who he was actually talking to. The park ranger continued, “I would much rather be out in those gorgeous mountains, amongst nature, saving lives.”
“Don’t we all!” exclaimed the shuttle bus driver.
The park ranger looked out the window longingly, “It’s just so beautiful out there.”


If it’s wrong to have a favorite national park then I am not right in the head. No matter how much I try to hide it, deep down in my heart of hearts, I can’t deny that Zion National Park is my favorite.

While visiting Grand Canyon felt like some sort of spiritual, out of this world experience, visiting Zion was like seeing an old friend who laughs at all your jokes and bakes Oreo chocolate chip cookie brownies with you on a Friday night.

Zion is the smallest, best-kept park out of all the ones we visited. The gateway to the national park is the town of Springdale. It thrives with numerous shops, restaurants and fancy accommodation options. The public transportation in and around the park is excellent. I’m trying really hard to think of one thing I didn’t like about Zion but there’s really nothing. Zero. Zilch.

Hiking wise, I would recommend considering the Subway (permits are required for this one so plan ahead) and the Narrows. Both are unique hikes that provide experiences you can’t get anywhere else. We warmed up on our first day with the moderate Upper Emerald Pool Trail, then we took on the Narrows (more on this soon!).

We seriously contemplated changing the rest of our trip so we could spend more time in Zion. Two full days is not enough. I need, want, must go back.

Zion River Resort
RV Accommodation

551 East Hwy 9 Virgin, Utah 84779

We stayed at the Zion River Resort and seriously loved it. It’s probably the furthest accommodation from the park (takes about 10-15 minutes to get to the park entrance) but it’s totally worth it. The facilities were excellent, the wifi was quick and they provided full hook up. The site featured a pool AND a jacuzzi, a washer AND a dryer, plus free coffee in the morning. They even had activities every night: everything from a homemade ice cream happy hour to a games night. The resort’s onsite convenience store was stocked with well priced necessities and yummy produce options.  You don’t tend to expect much from an RV park but Zion River Resort really goes above and beyond.











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