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There comes a time in every young adults life when she finds the perfect sushi roll. Have you experienced the joy of this yet? I’m sure it will happen one day soon. I imagine it will be mind blowing if you weren’t really into sushi at that time, but being a long time sushi eater, it was still amazing for me. Finding this sushi roll was not planned, it was just the strawberries with caramel on top of an ACMI Date Night cake.

What’s an ACMI date night you think? It involves the Australian Center of Moving Images, a significant other, and snacks. I had no idea what Federation Square was, I just thought it was all part of ACMI and I was awestruck by it. While Jack has taken me to exhibitions and events, he’s never fully grasped the concept of going to the movies there. That’s why I never expected him to say yes to watching The Human Scale on a Friday night, but I took the risk, and it totally paid off. We both loved it. It is such a thought provoking film on the subject of the way cities are built, and why and how. We were so inspired and filled with thoughts and opinions, we couldn’t think of anything worse than getting on public transport and sitting quietly. So instead we walked around the city in amazement and astonishment, discussing our favorite parts of the documentary. It was all very Indie of us.

It was then, while we were forecasting the future of cities based on what we had learned – which obviously made us experts on the subject now – that we came across Izakaya Hachibeh. Dinner was not meant to be the main attraction of the night. It was simply meant to complete a great night out at ACMI, but finding my favorite sushi roll of all time made that dinner like the strongest, longest encore ever.

I don’t expect this sushi roll to be as big of a deal for everyone as it is for me, but that’s because I really think they had me in mind when they put it on the menu. I’ve seen a simple salmon roll, I’ve seen a crispy salmon skin roll, but never have I ever seen a roll that’s combined both, and avocado, and cucumber, and mayo. It was perfect. It was enormous.  two things I look for in all my sushi, a bang for your buck type of plate if I’ve ever seen one.

Finding this roll while having deep, meaningful thoughts about the future and the world probably means I can stop calling myself a young adult, and admit I’m now an adult (who is still young!). Maybe it will stick this time around.

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