“You Will be Judged by Where You Eat”

What’s that old saying? “You will be judged by the restaurants you eat at.” No, that can’t be right.

The New Zealand bred cafe, Allpress Espresso, is a great place to take your mom, dad or both of them when you want to convince them that yes, you really are doing great. Because you are! And you want to show off!

Located in Shoreditch, this cafe is excellently put together. It’s brick exterior, wooden interior, and large windows a long the right wall will draw you straight in, if the strong aroma of coffee doesn’t. The big coffee roaster behind the baristas will keep your interest.

You have to order the Mixed Breakfast Plate. It comes with a hard boiled egg, avocado, tomato, cheese and ham, with bread on the side. It’s filling, delicious, healthy and comes out quick; what else could you ask for? Oh, and their coffee is delicious. Every time I’ve gone I’ve gone I’ve had two Flat Whites. One with my Mixed Breakfast Plate and one after; take away, please!

Important Additional Information: Allpress Espresso is not just for parents. It’s also a great place to go to with friends. Look, here is one now!

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