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Walk down Brunswick Street heading toward the CBD, make a left on Kerr Street and you’ll hit Ici. It’ll be obvious you’ve found it not because of the gold type on their windows, but because suddenly you’ll be surrounded by people. They’ll be sitting, reading a newspaper, talking to friend or trying to stand out of the way while they (she) waits for take away coffee. That she is probably me; I would also, probably, be trying to read the newspaper but desperately checking my instagram for updates from my friends in the US.

See, even though I had never eaten there Ici was very near and dear to me. Near because it’s a block away from my new apartment. And dear because it’s where Jack and I went after looking at our apartment to make the yes or no decision. I made a few tough decisions in 2012 but this was a big one that Jack and I made together. As I read that Tina Fey once said, “Say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterward!”

And we did! We really did! Now I get to do fun things like take my family there in a sort of show-offy way.

Ici was such a huge hit with them that it’s about 2 weeks later and I’m still surprised. Maybe it was my fault but I didn’t, for one second, think they’d name Ici their favorite breakfast place in Fitzroy.

We ordered a round of flat whites. I decided on the frech toast with lots and lots of fresh fruit. My sister and mom ordered the poached eggs (one with salmon, one with bacon) on toast with avocado and my dad bravely opted for the omelet. That thing had new vegetables coming out of it on every bite.

I would have loved to let my family know how delicious my frech toast was, but I couldn’t get a word in. What with their “OMG these eggs are incredible.” and their, “Do you think if I take this jar of lemon curd anyone will notice.” and also their, “And can you believe all this comes from that tiny little kitchen.”

They’re so right though! It’s incredible what the staff at Ici can do with such limited space. And they keep it real (if that means the same thing I think it means). They serve the coffee in the order in which it’s been asked for. I’ve found that’s one of the biggest complaints about Ici and also one of my favorite aspects.

To be honest Ici is just a place where you can go to relax. It just also happens to have great service, even better coffee, friendly conversation, and – as my family put it – the best breakfast in Fitzroy.

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    You are an amazing writter. You make is so interesting and fresh, I love reading your blogs.
    I agree, the breakfast and coffe at Ici are the best.

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