White Chocolate Brownie Fail

white chocolate recipeYou know how sometimes after work you’re going to be on your own for dinner because your live-in boyfriend is off working on his Melbourne Comedy Festival Show into all hours of the night (9pm). It happened to me this wednesday so I made myself my favorite pasta dish; it’s MY best dish. The thing is though, this happened the following day as well, and while I could have decided to make something as simple as a 15 minute meal recipe out of Jamie Oliver’s cookbook I wasn’t up for it. At the deciding moment all I felt like for dinner was white chocolate brownies. Unfortunately the deciding moment happened to be at work at about 6pm, the time when everyone gets a little loopy and the brain isn’t quite right anymore.

And so I went on ranting and raving  to my coworkers about these white chocolate brownies I was going to make. I went as far to say I would bring some in to work the following day. I even went out to buy organic eggs, and gluton free flour so everyone (vegetarians and celiacs alike) could try it. I don’t know where all the confidence came from because if there are two things I know it’s: one, I’m the type of baker who should only bake for herself, her family, and her boyfriend (maybe). Two, ovens don’t like me (I’ll make a banoffee pie any day).

I’m giving you all these excuses because my first attempt at white chocolate brownies was a disaster. There! I said it! They tasted good to me, but it definitely isn’t something you bring in to work and take credit for making. I thought I might be able to after scrapping off the top layer and the outer layer of the square pan. But when Jack got home, he tried an inch sized piece, said it was really yum with no emotion and told me I did a good job, he didn’t ask for more. That’s when I knew I had failed. It’s what you do that girls pay attention to, not what you say!

I’ll definitely try again because I’m pretty sure I know where I went wrong (too much butter – damn US to Australian measurements). But for now all I can share is my before picture. If you want to try it out, click here to get the recipe I loosely base mine on.

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