When My Hobby & Boyfriend Get Along.

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Jack and I haven’t always had exactly the same hobbies and interests in common. We actually had completely different thoughts on my favorite hobby. Eating is a hobby, right?

Seriously though, were on completely oppposite ends of a Football field on the subject. Which not only made us different but also enemies; opponents if you will. Jack has never had a real interest in food. I live for food related experiences. Jack has been quoted as saying, “Eating is a chore” to which he later added, “If I could just inject all the appropriate vitamins and nutrients in me for energy and skip the meal I would.” At that point I don’t know why I didn’t karate chop his stomach and leave him in the dust. Probably because he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but really Jack? Really?

Fast forward a year, give and take about half a year more and Jack is now the king of Urbanspoon. He is an excellent wine and dinner. I even categorized him under Snobby Eater when I heard him say “It was good, but I’ve had fresher sashimi.” I usually have ongoing butterflies around Jack, but in those moments the butterflies turn into the cute little birds from Snow White and sing love songs.

You’ll understand my excitement then when Jack looked up from our delicious plate of vietnamese food at An Nam, and for the first time said I HAD to write about the chicken chilli sauce with vegetarian fried rice we were having. And so here I am!

We love the vibe of An Nam. It’s very wooden and plain, not very cool compared the The Evelyn on the right and Rice Queen on the left. But who cares! They make it very relaxing with their buddha statues, inspirational quotes on the walls and soft versions of all our favorite 90’s music playing instrumental. Better yet is the food though – well, one dish specifically, the only thing we’ve tried.

We attempted to order something other than the chicken chilli sauce with the vegetarian fried rice and ended up with prawn and pork fried rice instead. Not very adventurous  but we really didn’t want to miss out. We don’t want you to miss out either. So for the love of, dare I say it, Jack’s new hobby go to An Nam and give it a thumbs up (or a thumbs down if you feel that is the right thing) on Urbanspoon. We did!

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