When in Berlin, Choose Currywurst


The only thing I love more than giving food and travel recommendations is getting them. With every recommendation my eyes widen, like the subject of the paintings in that new Amy Adams movie called Big Eyes. You should see it. It’s creepy.

I was in recommendation heaven leading up to this trip. Everyone had a MUST DO in at least one place Jack and I were visiting. But it wasn’t until we got to Germany that I realised we didn’t have any food recommendations for Berlin. NOT. ONE.

I felt stranded in the shark filled ocean, with no life boat or red buoy in sight. I trust sites like Tripadvisor, Yelp and Urbanspoon, but only as second opinions. I like to get my recommendations straight from a horses mouth.

Desperation overcame me. I begged a friend who had recently visited Berlin to tell me what the heck she ate and where and what time and what type of drinks she paired it with and if she had watched The Bridge yet.

She told me, for a second time, that she hadn’t eaten anything particularly exciting. I pleaded. She then mentioned how maybe I should have some currywurst because she read that it’s very “German” and “like a Sloppy Joe”.

As soon as she mentioned it, I started seeing stalls serving currywurst on every corner of Berlin. It was actually overwhelming. How do you choose to stop at one when there’s a chance you might run into a better another at the next corner. There were fancy stalls, trendy stalls, hipster stalls, old school stalls, well-known stalls in which C list celebrities have eaten.

I’m not sure what the best way to pick between stalls is, but if you don’t trust yourself to do it you might as well trust the professionals.

It wasn’t until I spent four hours fighting back tears at Typography of Terrors – a free museum (welcoming donations) where you can walk a part of the Berlin Wall and relearn the history of Germany – that I decided to drown myself in ketchup and curry powder.

Currywurst isn’t the most exciting meal I’d ever had, but it did make me feel like I was part of it all. I’d finally tried three German delicacy.

Typography of Terrors
Niederkirchnerstraße 8
10963 Berlin

And! if you get really into currywurst, you can visit the currywurst museum. It’s a real thing. you can find more information here. 




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