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I really want you to go to Jinda Thai Restaurant in Richmond! Pleaseeee. PLEASE!

Knowing about Jinda makes me feel like I’m in some kind of cool inner food circle who doesn’t let anyone else sit with them at lunch.* I think it’s because Jinda isn’t a place you just happen upon. Parking down Ferguson Street (alley way, not really a street) is tough, and Jinda sits at the beginning of Victoria Street near Punt Road. Not a place where you’d find yourself aimlessly looking for a restaurant on a Wednesday night.

So take my advice and keep the name in your back pocket for the next time you and your friends, or your hot date, or your boyfriend’s parents need somewhere to go. Just rip it out with an air of coolness because you, you my dear, know exactly what to do! First of all, book a table. Unfortunately the kind of cool inner circle we are now both in is huge and the place is always packed. Second, it’s BYO wine so grab yourself a couple of bottles before heading in. The rest is not history but your future.

The food is out of this world (or more accurately, out of this country) delicious and extremely inexpensive for what you’re getting.

We had the hokkein noddles with chicken, panang curry beef and pumpkin (the favorite), some curry puffs, spring rolls, a crispy chicken dish off the specials menu whose name escapes me and a spicy pork noodle soup.

John (Jack’s dad) thought his spicy pork noodle soup was the best he’s ever had! That sounded familiar to me, and then I remembered he said the same thing about the blood sausage at Beer & Breakfast. Man does it feel good to have been in the presence of not one, but two best meals of someone’s life. My restaurant choices may or may not have something to do with it, we’ll never know.

Bottom line is that I absolutely, positively cannot wait for you to go to Jinda. Who knows when that Best Meal moment will happen to you, and Jinda has the potential to be the one who serves it up.

Jinda Thai Restaurant
3-7 Ferguson St. Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

*On Thursdays we probably wear pink.

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