Venice, Italy: Trattoria alla Madonna

My favorite place in Venice is Trattoria alla Madonna. Yes, it’s a resturant; how predictable of me.

But this is different, see? The level of excitement to eat at the restaurant was through the roof. This is my parent’s favorite restaurant in their favorite city. The first time they came to Venice they found it, the second time they want back, and the third time they ate dinner there for the entirety of their trip. How embarrassing for them if my sister and I didn’t like it!

We made sure to be there at 6:30pm, for their 7pm opening time. After following my dad around for 2 hours (he insisted to lead us from memory), we found it! Walk along side the Canale Grande, turn on Calle della Madonna, walk down the alley and you’ll see the bright yellow sign. Ten people had already formed a line outside. We took our place behind them.

At 10 till 7 a older man sporting an amazing mustache, a true pasta belly (this term can be found in the biancionary), and a classy all white outfit, came out of the restaurant. Using his cute Italian accent and a lot of enthusiasm, he asked if we were ready to eat. I don’t know why we loved that so much, but my sister and i decided it’s how we would call our families to eat one day… when we have families… a long time from now…

He walked us through the all white, three room restaurant. We were seated in the room filled with paintings by Italian artists that I would have loved to take a closer look at had the place not been packed by the time I looked back up from the menu.

My parents didn’t even look at the menu when it came time to order; my sister and I were a whole other story. We wanted to try everything. Our Italian waiter was either laughing with us or at us, but he was definitely enjoying himself.

Thanks to that lovely man we had a little bit of, almost, everything on the menu: wine, pasta, fish, prosciutto, anchovies; the works. I barely had time to take pictures before the food went under attack. It was too good and gone too fast. So we went back the next day, and the day after that.

I can’t explain how satisfying, delectable, even scrumptious the food was. I’m not saying you should go, I’m saying my entire family hopes you do!


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