Turning a Sad Little Lemon Into a Ton of Martinis

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As soon as my parents found out Jack was leaving for 3 weeks my parents booked a flight to come see me in Australia. No, wait. That sounds horrible. The urgency didn’t come from the opportunity to see me without Jack. They really just wanted to come keep me company.

At first I was all like, “I’m not 10 years old, mom. I don’t need to be taken care of!” But about two seconds after saying that I slapped myself silly and begged them to stay longer than ten days. We’d eat, drink, and be very merry. I had their visit all planned out – we’d spend as much time together, me placed literally in between them the entire time because I consider myself both a mama’s and a papa’s girl.

You can understand then why I was completely distraught and angered the afternoon (4 days before their arrival) they called and said they weren’t coming anymore. They had too much on their plate and they just had to sit there until they finished their vegetables. I was angry because I got my hopes up when it wasn’t even my idea. Then my anger turned into sadness when I realized they really weren’t coming at all. That “too much work” extended over a long period of time and included trips they needed time off of work for.

But soon a feeling hope, and excitement, and joy, and some warm fuzzies came over me. It was when they asked if, instead, I’d go meet them, my sister and my brother on one of their work trips to Spain. The trip that just happened to be during the week of my birthday! (Enter all the martinis made from the sad little lemon.)

I would need a lot of emoticons to explain what I was feeling at that very moment. Lets just say I’m obsessed with birthdays*, and could not think of any better way to spend it than with my entire family. Well, if Jack also came it would definitely be better, but you can’t have everything.

So please allow me to reminisce on my last trip to Spain (circa summer of 2010) with the pictures above.

* If you know if any greaaaaat, fun, cool restaurants for a young girl to turn 25 in let me know! Jack treated me to Derriere in Paris on my birthday last year and I feel like it’s going to be very hard to beat.


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