Trondheim Norway

When I think back to our time in Trondheim, Norway my stomach begins to churn and a strong signal is sent to my brain relaying the fact that I am suddenly famished.


Trondheim Norway

Trondheim Norway

Trondheim Norway

Trondheim Norway

Trondheim was, hands down, the town I will remember most fondly for it’s consistency and quality of food. The fact that I had no idea it was such a gastronomic treasure chest only adds value to it’s place in my heart.

Every single meal we had in this quaint and colorful town was exquisite, but one of the stand outs was our breakfast buffet at Rica Nidelven inside our hotel, Scandic Nidelven. Jack claims he knew about the breakfast buffet, and now boasts that this is why he booked the hotel in the first place, but I had no idea. I woke up that morning thinking it was a normal day. My mind was completely blown shorty after.

This is the breakfast buffet of my dreams. There was a juice/smoothie bar with veggies and fruits being freshly pressed, a barista taking intricate coffee orders seriously, cooks lined up behind tables ready to prepare your morning delights on demand, whether that be pancakes, eggs, waffles, or a mix of cured meats. You don’t understand, this place was magic. Everything you could want was there and the best thing about it was that nothing was pre-made and left to get cold.

It was like being at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, just replace chocolate with breakfast food and the munchkins with friendly waiters. There was homemade jams, and small portions of muesli and yogurt, and fresh fruits, and mounds of cheeses to choose from and all types of fresh bread that lived underneath three grill ovens for your personal use. I could go on forever.

It wasn’t until writing about the breakfast buffet that I realized it was voted Best Breakfast in Norway 9 years in a row by Twinnings. Joke is on me, I guess. There I was thinking we had discovered the happiest place to spend a morning.

Breakfast Buffet


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