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Addict Coffee


Addict Coffee

Addict Coffee

Addict Coffee

I got married.
It was incredible.
I will show you pictures soon.
I think you will love them, but! you have to tell me what you really think.
We absolutely adored every second of the day but we’re totally biased.

A total of 12 people (who will be referred to as “The Tourists”) came to Australia for the wedding and stayed for at least 2 weeks. The number 12 may seem small – “oh, so much closer to 1 than 100” – but it’s big. Huge! It means 3 cars for transportation, 1 extra large house for accommodation, a late departure from said XL house every morning, and a look of panic from every restaurant staff we walked up to.

Thankfully we found one cafe that kept it’s cool. Addict, in Fitzroy, became The Tourist’s go-to breakfast place. It’s no secret I love Addict – I’ve written about them before – but they deserve a huge round of applause and a million thank you’s for the way they hosted my family and friends during every visit. There were many.

Expectations were high since The Tourists had heard so much about “Australian breakfast” and Addict absolutely ripped those expectations to shreds (probably shreds of ham because, okay – have you tried the eggs benedict!!). There’s no better place for a combination of lovely staff, good looking AND delicious food, lively atmosphere, great coffee and a large communal table.

So thank you, Addict, for showing my group of tourists what Australian breakfast is about.*

Addict Food and Coffee
240-242 Johnston street Fitzroy VIC 3065

*And for your patience.

P.S. Can the Olive Bread special stay around for a very long time?


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