Tourist and the City

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One thing I know to be absolutely true is that once you’ve lived in New York City you have the right to never call yourself a tourist again. No matter how touristy the things you are partaking it may seem. It would be ludicrous to name-call in that situation. Everything in NYC is basically touristy anyway, no matter how chill or underground or cool it is.  Now, take into account that I probably only think that because one of my favorite things to do is The City is, like, totally touristy. 100% touristy – no if, ands, or buts about it.

I’m obsessed with just hanging out around 30 Rock. The amount of times I’ve done the NBC tour I cannot count on two hands. One of the first gifts Jack gave me was a Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon mug from the NBC store; which I still use and cherish with ferocity.

And, while I’m in the area, anyone who says that going to Magnolia’s Bakery right before visiting 30 Rock is touristy, should have one of their red velvet cheesecakes thrown in their face live on the Today Show.  That’s not even the Magnolia’s Bakery that was in Sex and They City, I’m talking to you mean person who-likes-to-call-everone-a-tourist-in-a-derogatory-way.

And, while I’m in the area at Christmas time, I must mention that ginormous, colorful christmas tree hanging over that too-packed skating rink, framed by the flags of this gorgeous world, and how much it means a lot to me. It’s special to me for reasons I’m sure would not interest you. But I swear it when I say that, this past Christmas season, holding a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a vanilla cupcake (with chocolate frosting) in the other, while standing in between Jack and my sister was a moment I will always hold dear in my heart.

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