Touchwood Cafe // Richmond

touchwood touchwood cafe touchwood cafe touchwood cafe touchwood cafe

There’s a new cafe in town. Her name is Touchwood Cafe and she’s blonde with blue eyes and has a hot body. It’s no wonder she’s already in with the popular kids! It probably also helps that she’s got a number of quite impressive parents with previous – very successful – children such as Coin Laundry, Station Street Trading Co., Tall Timber and Pillar of Salt.

Located in Richmond on Bridge Road you wouldn’t think the recently opened cafe would be big, but it’s huge! Including the courtyard out the back it fits 120 people, it’s basically a wedding venue. It’s spacious and airy and makes you feel like you could talk at normal volume and the table next to you wouldn’t hear. What a delight! The detail in Touchwood is comforting, everything from the white brick walls to the wooden tables, to the perfectly placed greenery, to the wall of hanging aprons, to the black trucker hats sported in the kitchen. The simplicity of it all is exactly what makes the cafe so alarmingly beautiful. Okay, okay I’ll stop perving on the looks of the cafe and move on to her personality (“food”).

I got the peanut butter and jelly whole meal waffles, poached raspberries, whipped peanut butter ricotta, peanut brittle, and it was heart shaped. Can you imagine my reaction when it got placed in front of me? That peanut butter ricotta was the best creamy type thing I’ve ever tasted. This is one of those dishes you want to know about because sometimes people have intense waffle cravings and in those times I’ll now know exactly where to take myself. The rest of the plates at our table looked delicious and so did the rest of the menu. I’m already thinking about trying the avocado toast for breakfast next time, or the gluten free chicken schnitzel for lunch! And wouldn’t you know it they offer a 5 and Dime (remember?)¬†sourdough bagel at lunch time! It doesn’t get much bette unless, you know, you order a coffee or two.

480 Bridge Road, Richmond

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