Top Paddock is for co-workers.

DSC_0061 DSC_0047 DSC_0052 DSC_0058I’m lying. Top Paddock is not just for co workers, it’s for friends too. It’s also a place to learn life lessons about self control.

My beautiful colleagues and I (Pictured above. That’s us. Not some random girls. I just watched the movie Catfish. Bare with me.) went to Top Paddick for a birthday brunch. I was very excited. Two of my most favorite things in one day: breakfast food and birthdays. Not to mention the anticipation of finally trying out a place I had heard so much about, what with being a fan of Three Bags Full and all.

What I had not anticipated though was feeling like a complete and ostracized fatty amidst a group of 6 gorgeous ladies.

Let me explain. I get very excited when walking into a cafe like Top Paddock: super cool, people everywhere, music blasting, lots of natural light, beautifully decorated, and just a bit than your typical cafe. Once I spotted the huge espresso machine I turned into a deer in headlights. I couldn’t control it. A spell comes over me that makes me feel like I must order exactly what I want. I forget that there are other people around.

So, when it came time to order I got an orange juice (the one with the fun inducing straw) a long with everyone else. Great! It was delicious – I could definitely jump on that bandwagon. But when the avocado and toast bandwagon came, I just couldn’t get on it. I had already been chasing the ricotta hotcakes with blue berries, maple, seeds and organic mascarpone one and had gotten too far ahead.

Anyone walking by our table could have picked me out as the American, not by my accent but by the size of my plate, compared.  I even got a “Do you think you’ll finish it all” remark when all the plates were delivered. What is sad about that is I really didn’t know what they meant at first – of course I would? This was asked not in a mean way, but in a I’d be very impressed if you did way.

Half of me was really embarrassed and the other half just couldn’t wait to dig in. And dig in I did. I mean, it was good. It was veryyyy good. I usually only save these type of breakfast choices for the weekend, but when in Rome, I guess.

Top Paddock 
658 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121
(03) 9429 4332


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