To the Lune and Back

Lune Croissants

Lune Croissants

Lune Croissants

Lune Croissants

Lune Croissants

Lune Croissants

I’ve had my eye on Lune Croissanterie for some time. The whole story is ridiculously romantic.

A girl, Kate Reid, builds her own business to create something she (and the entire world) is fascinated by – PASTRIES. She leaves her previous job (as a Aerodynamicist for Formula One, which sounds pretty cool) to learn the art of pastry making in Paris. Her love for her art leads her to create a small business that prioritizes quality over quantity. Lune Croissanterie is born with a focus on producing only a limited number of baked goods so that Melbournians know what they work hard for will be worth it. I say ‘work hard for’ because the circumstances to get to Lune Croissanterie are a bit tougher than your usual run-of-the-mill bakery.

And so the cult following begins.

This is how a typical visit to Lune Croissant on any given Friday, Saturday, Sunday would go:

5:45am Alarm goes off. Get up straight away – I mean it. You only have 15 minutes to get out the door.

6:00am Pick up the only friend brave enough to commit to doing this with you. Make sure she’s french so she can tell you if these pastries really stack up against parisian ones or it’s all just in your tastebuds.

6:40 Finally arrive at the destination after getting lost in Elwood. Lune Croissanterie is on a quiet, residential, unsuspecting street. Getting there can be a bit tricky. We knew we were in right place when we saw a line out the front of a small, two-story Victorian home. Lune kindly asks that you keep their neighbors in mind as you in line up. You abide. Anything for a chocolate croissant.

6:45 The cafe will look closed and it is. You don’t fret because you know it doesn’t actually open until 7:30, but you notice the front window is slightly open.

6:46 You hope they take credit card. You forgot to withdraw cash and there is no ATM around. (Don’t worry. They DO take card. Hallelujah!).

6:47 You make your way to said window and kindly ask for the next ticket, give the cute long haired fellow your name and your coffee order.

6:48 You get in line and examine the menu. Oh, I’ll just get one of everything is your first thought. But no, there are rules. You can only get a max 6 pastries.

6:50 – 7:00 Every one is behaving well. All you hear are whispers…only a few shrieks. The excitement is building.

7:05 The first coffee comes out and the party really starts.

7:10 You look back, with your delicious strong flat white in hand, to find that the line has started to curve around the corner. That happened quickly!

7:15 A wooden bench suddenly appears under the large front window; a group of people you hand’t previously seen are already sitting on it. Where did they come from? Are they in front of us in line? 

7:20 A flat wooden box appears just under the blinds of that same large rectangular window giving everyone a little teaser of the goodness that is to come. 

7:25 What sounds like a mix of Top Hits starts blasting. Everyone is now taking pictures with anything featuring that terrific Lune logo they can find. Or is that just me?

7:30 The entirety of the blinds roll open exposing a small commercial kitchen in what most have been a cozy little living room in another life. The top portion of the front door opens to act as a serving counter.


7:35 You confidently order 6 pastries and watch as they are neatly placed in a white take away pastry box one by one. By one by one. You want to stay at that window forever.

7:40 You pick a bench to sit in around the corner. Any bench will do. And you start.

7:41 First comes ham and gruyere because it’s nice and warm for you.

7:42 That chocolate croissant, you actually came for, is next.

7:43 Then comes the Kouign-Amann as a little breakfast dessert. You know, just for fun.

I’ve never been so happy before 8am, you think to yourself.

Lune Croissanterie
9 Scott St, Elwood VIC 3184, Australia
Open Fridays 7:30am, Saturday + Sunday 8am until sold out

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