Tiburon and the New Morning Cafe!

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For me, one of the best things about San Francisco is that it’s surrounding areas are almost equally exquisite, but have a completely distinct feel about them. I’ve recently decided I only want to live in cities where that is the case, so that’s that fact.

An up and coming, but less known town around San Francisco is Tiburon. Only a 25 minute jump,  skip and hop in a car from the Golden Gate Bridge and you’ll hit the picturesque little town.

It’s not large by any means, but it’s such a lovely place you’ll just want to sit on one of the open benches facing the bay and relax as you look out onto the foggy skyline of San Francisco. There will be people jogging, and why wouldn’t they want to jog with ambience like that! There’ll be people shopping on the small but well kept main street, there’ll be people at the marina judging the boats docked. There will be pigeons being naughty and stealing sugar from breakfast tables set up outside, I saw it with my very own eyes!

It will all be marvelous!

One thing though you HAVE to do is scour the residential hills of Tiburon. The houses are stacked up hills with the garages on top and the rest of the house facing downward onto the water. It’s impressive. It seems like they are literally hanging by the thread of some wooden logs under them. We thought they should each have a sign over their front door saying Thank You because we threw so many compliments at each one we passed.

We didn’t have time but if I could do it all again I would take the ferry over from San Francisco, have breakfast at The Morning Cafe, walk around, shop a bit and head on back.

Oh! Yes! The Morning Cafe! I got so caught up in the town I forgot to mention who this post is actually about. It’s not directly on the water but on a small side street about 3 minutes walking. It’s the adorable bright green cafe that seems just a bit cozier than all the rest, and that’s because it is.

The menu is large enough to please everyone in your party, especially if there is only one of you. The staff is so friendly, you kinda want to ask them if they can take a break and show you around town! They had strong coffee, amazing freshly squeezed dark orange juice, and great prices. The plates are big (which I’m not used to, coming from Melbourne) but they are so good that you (“I”) somehow trick your brain into finishing your eggs benedict.

Oh, wait. I forgot one of my New Years resolution is to stop eating when I feel full. And so it starts again.

New Morning Cafe 
1696 Tiburon Blvd Tiburon, CA 94920

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