They’re Called S’mores, Australia!

IMGP5267 IMGP5330 IMGP5345 IMGP5351 IMGP5360 IMGP5363 IMGP5369 IMGP5373 IMGP5376 IMGP5381I never knew I loved camping until I moved to Australia. I don’t know if it’s the smell of the trees, the warmth of the fire, the perfect excuse for not showering for one day, the creepy sounds from the kookaburra and koalas or the suspense of never knowing if you ate the mother of that huge bug that somehow got in your bright orange, flip-to-open tent while you were sleeping, but whatever it is, it got me.

Each time I’ve gone camping I’ve grown more confident in being exposed, vulnerable and out in the open. I wanted to be in my tent by sunset the first time I went. The fact I can’t see what’s behind me or behind the person across the campfire from me scared me firewoodless. Our last time camping though I walked to our tent all by myself, in the dark, without  EVEN looking back once. That might not sound like much to you but it’s leaps and bounds from where I started.

S’mores was the one thing I ever knew about camping. I’d made plenty using fire pits at friend’s houses growing up and thought it was crazy that all of Jack’s friends – the “experienced campers” – had never had s’mores. I took it as an opportunity to not look so camping-challenged. And let me tell you… I went, I saw, I conquered. Everyone loved the s’mores! How could you not. I won’t let us go camping without the proper ingredients now! I feel a little bit dumb sharing this with you because it’s SO easy, but s’mores should be made in Australia and I won’t stop until they are!

All you need is: graham crackers or the best substitute biscuits you can find, Hershey’s chocolate or any huge flat and thin chocolate bar, marshmallows, a campfire and a thin wooden stick that’s sharp at the top.

The thing about making s’mores is that it’s all about the preparation, right. You must have your biscuits and your piece of chocolate ready before your marshmallow goes in the fire, see.

Then what you do is stab the top thinnest part of your wooden stick through the middle of the marshmallow and place it over the fire. Now this is the hardest part. You’ll want to melt the marshmallow just enough. I like mine a little more burnt than usual, but you’ll most likely want it lightly browned. Don’t get distracted!

Once your marshmallow is perfectly browned you’ll want to sandwich it in between the two biscuits while it’s still on the stick. Keep your piece of chocolate on the botton end and then pull it the whole thing off the stick. Hurry!!! Now squish it all together again and bite. Yummm!



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