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I have a weird habit I want to, need to, have to kick. I first noticed it when I was living in New York and I’ve started to see it again since Jack has been gone on a work trip.

We all know there is minimal living space is NYC, especially in the way of kitchens. Having a dishwasher in the city is as rare as having a car – strange and unheard of. I used to choose my dinner based on the amount of dishes I had the energy to do. A creamy pasta? Forget it.

I have always done my dishes by hand anyway though. I go for the plates first, then cups, then the pots and pans. When there’s only silverware left in the sink, I quit.

In Melbourne Jack and I have the best of both worlds. A dishwasher and a compromise that if one cooks the other cleans. If we cook together, we clean together. We do dishes by hand and use the dishwasher as a drying rack.

This is the fist time since moving in with Jack that I’ve both cooked and cleaned. And I’ve noticed a pattern. That damn silverware is left over again!!!!

What is my brain thinking? Is it like ‘Oh, don’t worry silverware is so much smaller than everything else. They’ll wash themselves!’ or ‘You’ve already done the hard part, you can do the easy part tomorrow.’ It’s almost like I’m leaving them out in case someone breaks into the house and weapons accessible.

I mean, I have so many questions! has Jack been cleaning all the silverware this whole time or is this something that only happens when I’m alone? I don’t know. But I’m frustrated and disappointed in myself and hope there is someone else out there that also has a silverware problem.

Jack is going to be so upset when he gets home and sees a sink filled to the brim with silverware but, at this point, it’s all out of my control.

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