There are two kinds of pies in this world…

Australian Meat Pies thresherman's bakehouse

It was on the last leg of my 30 hour journey to Melbourne back in 2011 that I first encountered meat pies. The qantas flight was traveling from Sydney to Melbourne. I remember being nervous as anything to see Jack waiting for me at the Arrivals Terminal after 2 months of being apart.

As soon as we were stable in the air the head stewardess announced the food offerings: pie. I was impressed. How thoughtful of this fancy Australian airline to 1) offer food on such a short flight and 2) make mini apple (or blueberry pies) for everyone on board.

The flight attendants went row by row asking each passenger if they’d like tomato sauce with their pie. Back then, I had no idea tomato sauce was ketchup. It could have been anything in my mind; I thought it was strange, tomato on pie, but I didn’t think about too much. Finally, the perfectly put together flight attendant reached our row. The business man sitting beside me replied yes to her question and was given what I recognized to be a small packet of ketchup. My sweet, admiring thoughts about Australians changed in an instant – who are these MONSTERS who drizzly ketchup all over undeserving apple pie?

As I politely accepted my warm pie the man next to me took a bite of his. Cue brown, muggy meat falling all over his pants and the seat under him. It was an awful site, one that should not be witnessed in real life, and especially not on a plane. In that very moment I swore off meat pies of any kind.

It wasn’t until this weekend, 2+ years later, at the Thresherman’s Bakehouse in Carlton that I thought about giving it another go.

My chosen pie was a beef, cheese and bacon pie with “tomato sauce” poured on top like whipped cream. And, okay. I do admit that I have definitely been missing out. It was delicious and filling, and flavorsome, melted in my mouth instantly.

So, thank you Thresherman’s Bakehouse for helping get past my fear of one of Australia’s most adored foods. I can’t say I’ll trust anyone dishing up meat pies but I will be coming back to you for them. And for your lamingtons. Your lamington was fantastic.

Thresherman’s Bakehouse
21 Faraday St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

thresherman's bakehouse Carlton thresherman's bakehouseMeat Pies Australias Meat Pies Carlton VIC

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