The Truth Always Comes Out: Breakfast Thieves


You may or may not have noticed a plate of food in my post Friday so I’ve conveniently placed above this sentence.

The plate was born from the minds of the very clever* people at one of my favorite weekend spots: Breakfast Thieves. The plate in question is called The Breakfast Chain and features soft boiled eggs, cheesy soldiers, a delicious cup of granola and fruit yoghurt, and a small but satisfying amount of apple crumble, all served on a cute, round, wooden chopping board. It’s a great option for breakfast. I dare say, it’s the PERFECT option if you are the kind of indecisive person who would like both sweet and savory in their meal.

I can keep on digitally high five-ing myself on my food decisions, sure, but only I would know what was really going and I couldn’t live with it. The truth is it wasn’t me who ordered The Breakfast Chain. It wasn’t me who had the breakthrough. It was Jack. Jack Post. The person who doesn’t care about food, per se. The one who didn’t really understand what this meant. The one who wasn’t like Dayyyuummmmm.

It was, and this isn’t another digital highfive, the first time Jack has ordered a thousand times better than me. Most of the time we both order about an 8 on a scale from 1-10. Then there are times I may beat him by a point or 5, but never has he scored so much higher than me that the scale completely shatters. I know what you’re thinking, The Breakfast Chain can’t be THAT great. Well, in my opinion, it’s even better. But the score really comes out of comparison to what I ordered.


See what I mean? I’m a failure, an inposter.

In addition to all of Breakfast Thieves’ cleverly named dishes (Thieves on the run, The Pain Perdu, The Leprechaun), they also offer a build-it-yourself section that I feel the public (or just me) should only be able to use if they’ve passed a written test and obtained a license. I had no idea what I was doing and was way to nervous about how everything would add up. I admit it’s no one’s fault but my own.

I’ve finally moved on though; I’ve congratulated Jack and made notes of the two lessons learned.

1) Maybe one day I’ll learn, but for now I’ll let the chefs take care of thinking up my meals.

2) I’ve purchased a new scale and will never let Jack break it again.

* Chalkboard quotes. Clever. Free wifi. Even better.


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