The Robert Burns Hotel // Melbourne

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photo 1 photo 2 photo 5Sometimes I foolishly fool myself into thinking I could one day, maybe, be a vegetarian. But I am just a fool for thinking that because when I hear good news I almost immediately jump up from my bright mustard chair, dance and shout, “Steak dinner? Absolutely yes!!” then I probably high-five whoever I’m taking to; Jack in this case.

So far in Jack and I’s relationship a celebration dinner has meant a huge steak we would not other wise, ever, spend money on. Exhibit A: a celebration dinner upon beating Jack in scramble with friends (find and play me: abibianca)! This time around though we were celebrating something much bigger and much better, we were celebrating being Jack Post just a little more than we usually do every day.

Since he was the cause for celebration he picked the place, the Robert Burns Hotel on Smith Street in Collingwood; which I agreed with %150 percent due to their extremely inviting and relaxing outdoor area, and the start of Melbourne’s perfect summer weather. Add in a pitcher of sangria, spanish background music, and our waiter’s spanish accent and you’ve time traveled to Madrid Spain in 2.5 minutes.  Oh wait, flights for time travel are booked, you’ll just have to take Quantas and visit during 2012. But that’s not so bad, the food is better now anyway!

In addition to the pitcher of red sangria, Jack and I both ordered the Eye Fillet with sautéed green beans with jamon, and roast garlic and potato mash.

The thing about the eye fillet is that it’s so juicy and delicious you may forget to chew it properly, or all together for that matter. I did. And when I couldn’t swallow it the panic and flashing red lights set in. But instead of choosing to die, I chose to fight; I pulled the piece of steak, hanging by a string, out of my throat in front of my boyfriend. I’m very attractive! Luckily, he was too busy enjoying his eye fillet to notice.

I know chewing is an instinctive reflex once food is in your mouth  but sometimes the tiny pieces of jamon sprinkled over your green beans take all your attention and there is none left to tell the brain to chew.

Oh, on the topic of sides… they were incredible! We want to go back and just get more small plates for a typical tapas, non celebration meal. You don’t need steak for that, you only need a place like the Robert Burns Hotel with food good and a great atmosphere. Or maybe that’s just the wannabe vegetarian in me typing.


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