The Perks of Being a Flyer.



I’ve become one of those people who says, “Oh, but it’s only a 15 hour flight from Australia to California!” with total nonchalantness. An alarming “ONLY!?” and a delicious smile is usually the response I got from the Spanish heart throb local I’m probably not flirting with because I’m so happily taken.

I was never one those people, I always thought 9 hours was pretty long, as most Americans I’ve interviewed (spoken with) do. I didn’t even know any of those people until I met Jack. But I caught myself red handed going on about it during my trip to Spain and Portugal last week. Having done the 24 hour-ish flight a few times now, I no longer feel any amount of time is too long or not really worth it. 

I’m a bit cautious of flying, but not in the typical way. I’m not really afraid, I would just be angry if anything ever happened because it’s not necessarily the best way to go. But for all of flying’s risks, and unpleasantries (the inability to use the toilet when you prefer the window seat), I really secretly love it.

When else would you have 10 hours+ of back to back movies and TV shows without feeling an ounce of guilt? Never! (Small screen and crappy earphones aside.)

When else do you have the chance to finish a book, a great book* from cover to cover in one sitting? There is no other time! (Distracting neighbors and crying babies aside.)

Where else can you can you get breathtaking views of the sky slowly waking up, and inspiring first looks of the place you’re visiting? There is just nowhere else! Except a helicopter. A hot air ballon And when you’re sky diving. But, that’s besides the point.

And what about the food! Have you ever had such delicious- haha, okay. no. that’s a lie. While there isn’t anything exciting to announce in the airplane food industry, (and my thoughts on the subject have not been the most positive) I will admit that it is getting better. Especially on my beloved Thai Airways International flight where they try to class it up a little by offering dishes that look great on paper, such as but not limited to:

  • Smoked chicken salad with 3 color elbow macaroni and light dressing.
  • Pan fried chicken thigh with red capsicum sauce, roasted potato with fresh rosemary and buttered spinach.
  • Stir fried prawns with garlic and pepper, steamed thai ham, mali rice, pumpkin and eggs.

All offered with rolls, croissants, butter, cheese, cherry crumble cake (and more cakes), coffee or tea, white wine, and soft drinks. Waaaaazooo. And that’s in economy. Imagine the possibilities that one day await me in first class.

* I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It was incredible! If you haven’t read it, please do and let me know so I can divulge and dissect all my thoughts, opinions, fears and casting approvals for the movie with you.

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