The Pastabilities are Endless!

Syracuse Eating

Missing a flight when it’s nobody’s fault but your own is desperately frustrating. This past Friday we missed our flight from NYC to Toronto. And, you know what? It’s SO easy to place the blame on others. Here’s my blame list:

1) the MTA, for making the E train run painfully slow that day (which probably isn’t even their fault).
2) Jack, for not maneuvering through the city streets and it’s inhabitants with our luggage fast enough (poor guy).
3) The stranger in the taxi line, for telling us about the AirTrain in the first place (she was just trying to save us money).
4) The people at the corner deli, because I didn’t have enough time to stop for a bagel and had to deal with the missing-a-flight situation while enduring a pounding food headache (definitely not their fault).

I learned that the trick out of any situation such as this is to accept you have messed up, blame no one (not even yourself), rethink your plan and find yourself a doughnut.

We’re ridiculously thankful for our missed flight now. Had we gotten on the flight, there would have been no 8-hour drive. Had the long drive not happened, we wouldn’t have stopped four hours into it for some dinner in Syracuse. And had we not stopped in that charming little town we wouldn’t have come across the ever-popular restaurant, Pastabilities.

Everything seems to happen for a (food related) reason.

The most important part you should know about eating at Pastabilities is: you will be offered bread at the start of your meal. The bread comes with a plate full of Hot Tom. Hot Tom is the nickname of the Spicy Hot Tomato Oil created by the owners of Pastabilities. It is spectacular/delicious/everythingihopeditwouldbe/heaven.

Dip your bread in once and you’ll be hooked. Conveniently, they sell bottles of Hot Tom for $6.99 a pop in the restaurant. We asked the waitress to add one to our bill straight away.

If you don’t foresee a trip to Syracuse in the near future, you’re in luck. You can order Hot Tom online here. Yes, it has its own website – such a tech savvy oil! If you are going to Syracuse I suggest you get to Pastabilities early, add your name to the wait list, visit Ish Guitars – located on the end of the street, say hi to Jesse for us (one of the nicest guys we’ve met on this trip), and, when it comes time, order the Wicky-Wicky Chicken Riggies pasta.

That, my friends, is how you make lemonade when life gives you lemons.


Syracuse Eating

Syracuse Eating

New York



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