The Mixed Breakfast Plate Coming to an Allpress Near You

DSC_0960DSC_0959If you thought I liked Allpress Espresso from this post wayyyy back in 2012, then think again! Because I am deeply in LOVE with it. And isn’t Valentines day right around the corner?

Since I knew for a fact that the mixed breakfast plate was perfect from my London visit, and I was certain my dad would love their coffee I made it a point to treat my family while we were in Sydney. I kept saying, “It’s amazing!”, and “I know you’ll love it!”, and “Just wait till we get there, you’ll see!”.

I knew where Allpress in Sydney was located because, I mean, I have a smart phone, but I hadn’t heard of the suburb Zetland yet. Google maps was warning us that it was not walking distance from where we were staying. For the first time and not by choice we’d have to take a cab. My family was instantly suspicious.

As we arrived to the desolate Zetland I heard something really loud drop. It was my families level of excitement. The entire suburb feels like a construction site. It might be up and coming but at the moment… well, it’s not. I could tell they were going to ask if we could go somewhere else, so I sprinted into the cafe and took my place in line. It had the same look of the London Allpress but I won’t lie, it didn’t feel as cool or lived in. I didn’t mind one bit once I spotted the menu though.

Due to my direct order everyone would enjoy flat whites and prosciutto with their mixed breakfast plate. I don’t know at which point the look on their faces changed because I was too busy devouring my own plate and ordering extra prosciutto for the table, but it felt like the white elephant had finally left the room.

They confirmed my theories from before but this time they were laughing their way to another flat white. It was truly a success. This plate is one of those meals I wish I was organized enough to make for myself and Jack every other morning.

As I was walking out I asked one of the waiters why they haven’t opened an Allpress in Melbourne yet. He said, “Oh, because it’s actually on it’s way. It’s going to be in….” but he didn’t know off the top of his head and it made me anxious. “Wait two seconds, let me get it right.” I wanted to beat it out of him, thankfully he continued before I had to, “I think it’s going to be in Collingwood!”

Collingwood! That’s basically Fitzroy, we’ll basically be neighbors! After processing the amazing news for all of us Melbournians I skipped out of there thinking ‘Smell you soon Allpress!!!’

A linky side note: if you have the time and are actually looking into being in the coffee industry this interview is pretty interesting



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