The Mexican Special at Andrew’s Hamburgers

Andrews Hamburgers Andrews Hamburgers The Mexican Special Andrews Burgers
How is it that a dish featured in a specials menu makes it onto the Real Menu? Is the life of said dish decided on by how many times it is ordered or  by how often a happy customer flatters with compliments? Or is it when new menus need to be printed?

I’ll set the scene. Wednesday of last week at around 1:32 pm the phone rings.

‘Babe’ Jack says before I’m able to greet him.
‘Hey, what’s up.’
‘What are you doing?’
‘Working’ I say quietly as to not disturb my coworkers.
‘Well, this is important! I just had the best burger of my life.’
‘What! Where! With who!’
How dare Jack have exciting food related experiences without me.
‘It’s the Mexican special at Andrew’s Hamburgers in Albert Park. Onions, jalapeños, red capsicum, sour cream, cheese, all the usual stuff AND it’s topped with chili sauce.’

By this point in the conversation I had left my desk and was pacing around the meeting room. Afraid that the Mexican burger would be taken off the menu before I could try it, we planned to pay Andrews Hamburgers a visit.

There is no doubt that a love for hamburgers pours out the doors of the very small Albert Park location. Every burger that comes off the grill and placed into a printed brown paper bag, is made with care.

We received our very own burger bag and took a spot in the limited outdoor seating area. Jack kept looking at me with expectant eyes as I was setting out the food. He wouldn’t stop asking what I thought before I’d even tasted it.

The chips were devoured first. They were perfectly crisp and adorned with a thrilling amount of chicken salt. Andrew’s Hamburgers even has the traditional red and yellow (mustard and ketchup, or tomato sauce for you Aussies) bottles on every table. Now THEY know how to set a scene.

Then came the hamburger.

I’ll start off by saying that you are getting your moneys worth when you eat here. The hamburgers are large. There is no multitasking during this meal. You must use two hands and all of your attention span, but it is good. Man, it is SO good.

It’s the only burger I can think of that has defeated me. We were neck and neck for a while, but it got me. Despite it’s yummy goodness I left two small bites behind.

The Mexican special deserves to be on the Real Menu. Life would be a lot less panicky if I knew I could pay it a visit whenever I missed it. Like right now.

Andrews Hamburgers
144 Bridport St. West Albert Park, VIC 3206
closed on Sundays.


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    Other important things to know about Andrews Hamburgers.
    1. The no.1 tram will drop you at the front door (the no.1 tram will also drop you at the ABC. This is a coincidence I have been known to take advantage of at lunch time)
    2. It closes at 2:30pm to prepare for dinner, which starts around 5pm
    3. Be prepared to wait up to 20 minutes (but it is totally worth it) …
    4. … but you can ring ahead!
    5. It’s as good as an Australian hamburger gets (as opposed to the recent trend towards American style hamburgers, which are also excellent and occasionally better, but different)

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