The Mercat Cross Hotel, Fancy Hanks BBQ, Doughboys Doughnuts

The Mercat Cross Hotel Fancy Hanks BBQ The Mercat Cross Hotel Fancy Hanks beef brisket and pulled pork fancy hanks Doughboys Doughnuts  doughboys donuts

What a rude, selfish girl I was last week, I mentioned Fancy Hanks BBQ and Doughboys Doughnuts without any sort of explanation. You must have been writing me hate mail all week. They probably went into my junk mail; I’ll check later.

I’ve mentioned Fancy Hanks once before when it took my heart in it’s hands and broke it after being sold out on one fine Summer’s day at Princess Park Bowls. The thing about Fancy Hanks BBQ is that there are reminders of it’s whereabouts all over the city. Always a poster here, a poster there, a write up on broadsheet and oh, look Fancy Hanks and Doughboys Doughnuts are both living at the Mercat Cross Hotel at the moment!

It took us a while to plan a day to go to the Mercat Cross Hotel, but about 3 weeks from the The Age Half Marathon we decided we would celebrate finishing the race there. We invited friends so we couldn’t back out no matter how hurt or tired we were. (We also invited them because we really like them, but that’s beside the point.)

Knowing I was going to try Fancy Hanks BBQ is what got me through the finish line. I would have kept running from the Arts Center to Queen Victoria Market if I had to. Lucky I didn’t because 1) I ended up with something not as serious as a stress fracture and 2) a shower was really necessary. We arrived a bit late because, apparently, a tiny nap was also a necessity. It was close to 2pm (they close at 3) and some treasures were already sold out. The menu is small, but you order your meat by weight at the bar and are able to mix and match as your heart desires.

We had the low ‘n’ slow Angus beef brisket, the 16 hour pulled pork, Texan big ol’ beef ribs, the mix of salad and the mac and cheese. The food is perfection! I would suggest to get the same thing as us, but I promise you can’t go wrong.

They served food for four on one single large red tray: Communal eating at it’s best. It was hard to show restraint and not go after everyone else’s food but I knew dessert was coming in the form of Doughboys Doughnuts. Callebaut Belgian strawberry iced doughnut, peanut butter and jam doughnut, the Charlie Brown chocolate Doughnut, and that’s just to name the favorites.

Okay. You got me. The real reason I picked going on this day was so you wouldn’t judge me by how much I ate. Oh, common! I had just run a half marathon for goodness sake!

Fancy Hanks BBQ & Doughboys Doughnuts at The Mercat Cross Hotel
456 Queen Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Open Wed – Sun 12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 9pm






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