The Medibank Melbourne Marathon 2013!

melbourne marathonmelbourne marathonmelbourne marathonfinish linemelbourne marathononthefridge!

I wanted to say a big, fat, sweaty, sore congratulations to everyone who ran in Medibank’s Melbourne Marathon on the gray and gloomy Sunday just passed. My 11,000 companions doing the half marathon especially!

If there has been one thing I have not followed through with (but desperately wanted to) in my adult life it’s been anything involving marathons. I’ve signed up for 2 half marathons, 1 actual marathon and a 10km. I have not once made it to the starting line… until this year. I cannot believe I finally did it! When we were lining up the MC on the mic asked us to raise our hands if this was our first time, nearly everyone around me did, so to all of you I say: We did it!!

Yes, my thighs feel like they’ve been attacked by a miniature pony. Yes, the bottom of my feet feel like I was running on burning coal. But I am happy, not injured, and can’t wait for the next one! It seems I’ve come down with some sort of a half marathon bug. 🙂

Now, off to carb load! That doesn’t just end after you cross the finish line, right?

P.S. Look mama, I made it on my own fridge!

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