The Iceberg // Bondi Beach



Usually my memories from traveling steam from meals that were had. The cheese fondue in Switzerland reminds me of Lake Lucerne and the Chapel Bridge. My squid ink pasta in Venice brings on fond memories of the Canale Grande and my first gondola ride. And, Cookie Time begs the question ‘when will you go back to Queenstown’. This tendency is not my choice, it’s just merely the way the part of my brain that stores my memories works. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was thinking back on our Bondi Beach day in Sydney, and could not think of what we ate.

Surely this was a mistake on my part. We must have eaten something! But as I looked back on my pictures from that day I got lost in the beauty of the landscape of our walk from Bronte to Bondi Beach. I began day dreaming of free style swimming in both those beautiful pools that dramatically overlook the ocean, I fantasized of running the beach walk every afternoon after work as a way to unwind following a tough day, I remembered how naturally tan I looked after a being in the sun for 2 hours wearing 50 spf.

Then it came time to take a sip of red wine. I snapped back to reality and finally saw a picture of the oysters I had that day and very quickly remembered all about The Iceberg.

The Iceberg is a beach club with the best location; It overlooks Bondi beach and perches on top of the Iceberg Swimming Pool. Can you imagine? You don’t have to! I have pics. I had been to Bondi with Jack before but thought The Iceburg was a super cool, ultra exclusive get-out-of-here-or-we’ll-kick-your-face-in sort of club. Luckily we went to Hugos the first night of our trip and got the recommendation off our waiter. He said all we needed was IDs; they’d sign us up a temporary members and we could stay for as long as we liked. I chose forever. I was denied.

It was a 43 degree day, so all I wanted was something refreshing and cold, to me that meant oysters and multiple pitchers of water. The menu offers everything though, from pasta to fish and chips to oysters to a delish caesar salad, which I shared with my sister. So for the love of restaurant names that don’t make sense got to Iceberg and stay a while. Enjoy the food, the drinks and the view. I’ll probably see you in my daydream or something.



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