The Grub Food Van, Man.

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I’m going to go out on a limb and declare The Grub Food Van the chillest place in all of Fitzroy, probably even all of Melbourne if I’m being broad and vulnerable.

Finding The Grub Food Van was an accident. We were walking up to Brunswick Street from Moor Street when we noticed the shiny, silver van blocking our view of some hipsters playing ping pong in what seemed to be an indoor garden. We ran over because we NEEDED to know what was going on and the very nice lady (turned waitress) explained they serve food. Food? Like just the thing we are looking for?

As we were being led to our table we time traveled back in time or – more realistically –  to another world. It’s a bit like a poor mans Alice in Wonderland but way better because no one is pretentious, there is a ping pong table, and great food. The fact you can’t stop looking around the place, noticing the little details: like gnomes and doll heads hidden in the vegetable patches or fake babies spread out across the ceiling is fun. It was those (seemingly) unplanned details that got me.

The drinks menu is where you’ll want to head to first because the juices are great. You get a decent sized serving of orange juice, but I’ll have to copy Jack next time around and order the pineapple juice. Also, the chocolate milkshake. Too many drinks, too little time I tell ya.

For new comers like us, the menu was pretty confusing but once you take a look around the different tables it clicks. Most of the plates are shared boards, which actually makes complete sense because it gives the feeling of being at a picnic. We went rogue though, Jack ordered the seedy sourdough toast with cheese and two boiled eggs, I got the rice pudding. Both plates completely surpassed our expectations.

I already can’t wait to go back. If you haven’t been, you must go on a lazy day when you have nothing to worry about. The atmosphere of the Grub Food Van simply wont let you, and then you’ll be mad at yourself when you leave and realize you spent 2 hours enjoying yourself and not thinking about said worry.

I wouldn’t be surprised if when you go this is playing on repeat.

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