The greatest little place in Sausalito

the lighthouse cafe thelighthouse the lighthouse cafe the lighthouse cafe the lighthouse cafe

If you are in or around the area of Sausalito, California you should put your iPhone down, close down instagram (you’ll save battery) and thank your lucky stars because I know a place where you can eat mickey mouse pancakes.

It’s a cute little cafe down Bridgeway, the street that separates the Bay from the strip of cafes and shops on the other side. The Lighthouse Cafe is comfortably small inside, but there is no available seating for a party larger than (a very-skinny) six. We split up into two tables. The key is to get there early! We left the restaurant around 9am and there was a line out the door.

The Lighthouse Cafe seems to be the perfect combination of where the locals eat and the tourists flock to. I think it’s because of the makeshift lighthouse on their balcony, and their huge, dependable menu. Those are exactly the reasons we picked it and it definitely came through for us.

After my third cup of brewed coffee – these people were coffee re-filling machines – I ordered a delicious chunky omelet filled with avocado, mushroom and pepper jack cheese with lots of potatoes on the side. But I wish – after trying a bite of my sister’s chocolate chip pancakes – I WISH I had also ordered the Mickey Mouse pancakes sitting pretty at a mere $4.50. (I have a weird thing with shapes in food so I completely understand if you don’t or can’t share in my enthusiasm.)

I really loved The Lighthouse Cafe because it also feels like the type of place you could go on your own, with a newspaper, sit at the bar and make friends with whoever is around. But! my favorite thing about the Lighthouse Cafe, on the day we went, was a sticker on the front door; an old flip phone from 1992 floating in a circle with a line through it, and the words COURTESY PLEASE written above it. I’ve been desperately trying to get my parents to stop Instagraming during our meals and while this was a big help, I still couldn’t get to them. What can you really do though? It’s just parents these days…

Lighthouse Cafe 
1311 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

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