The Crumpets at the Grub Food Van

The Grub Food Van

Fitzroy Eating


Fitzroy Eating


Crumpets, eh?

I never really knew about crumpets until I moved to Australia. Jack used to buy frozen packets of the stuff to toast and have for breakfast. Thus, I was completely turned off by them. They felt and looked like a stiff, dull combination of pancakes and waffles. Every time I saw them on a menu I would scoff at the though that someone would actually offer them as a real life dish.

But one day, the day after my birthday actually, I saw them on Grub Food Van’s menu. Grub Food Van is one of my favorite cafes in Melbourne purely because of how funky and unique it is. You remember! I’ve written about it before. It’s the one with a ping pong table inside a green house filled with creepy gnomes and broken kid’s toys.

During the warmer months, it serves seasonal plates from a super cool 1965 Airstream van, parked in a graffitied, rug-covered courtyard. The food, as well as the decor and atmosphere, is always fresh and health. I usually order the omelette of the week or the breakfast board with gypsy ham, cheddar, boiled egg, avocado and bircher pot muesli (which deserves a congratulatory mention – Congratulations breakfast board, you’re delicious!) but it was still my birthday in America so I wanted to treat myself. Dr. Marty’s crumpets with coffee butter and pecans was the only sweet, cake-like plate on the menu so I crossed my fingers, arms, toes then braided my hair, and ordered it.

They were incredible! I’m not kidding. What a delicious little treat. At only $9, the portion size is enough to fill you up but not make you feel like you’ve just chugged a cup of syrup. I’m obsessed. I’ve been telling everyone one at them!

While I can now say that I love the Grub Food Van’s crumpets, I haven’t tried them anywhere else. I can’t bare the thought of some other cafe ruining this current infatuation for me.

Grub Food Van
87-89 Moor Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
(03) 9419 8991



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