The Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center Feat. Food

Barclays Stadium

Brooklyn Nets

Barclays Stadium

Barclays Stadium

Kiss Cam

A man’s worst nightmare isn’t to go to a NBA basketball game with four girls, it’s to go to a game with four people who are hungry and have heard whispers that the food at said game is actually pretty good.

We booked tickets to watch the Brooklyn Nets vs. the Portland Trailblazers last Monday. I was excited for Jack to experience his first NBA game so it meant he would finally understand why the NBL (Australia’s NBA) game he took me to hadn’t impressed me.

When I invited my friend Tiffany to come along she said, “I’ll only come if it’s to watch the Nets play at Barclays. They have the best food, EVER.”

I was like, “Ew, tiff. Stadium food always sucks.”

To which she replied, with a tone of disappointment, “Ugh, you’ve been gone from New York for too long. Barclays isn’t a stadium. It’s a center. It’s amazing! They have Cafe Habana, Paisano’s, Calexico, Fatty Cue, etc.”

“Oh, I just assumed we’d eat at the Shake Shack outside the center.”

You can see then how the night, or at least the first half of the game, turned into a strategizing session about how dinner would go: Who is willing to split food? What plate would be best to eat first? Where is Cafe Habana located and how far is that from Calexico? When is the best time, between the start of the second quarter and the end, to leave the game? Why would you think sharing one corn between three people is a good idea?

With a little compromise from all parties involved we tried the cuban sandwich and the corn from Cafe Habana, the chicken fingers and fries from Pasiano’s and the mac and cheese short rib from Fatty Cue. Tiffany was right, everything was delicious! But by “we” I mean us four girls. We found Jack in his seat quietly eating two slices of Williamsburg pizza and avoiding eye contact so we wouldn’t ask him for a bite. I could tell by Jack’s facial expression he thought we were monsters and he missed his friends.

By the 3rd quarter everything went back to normal though. Our priorities went back to 1) watching the game, 2) making it on the Kiss Cam and 3) catching one of the Brooklyn Nets t-shirts that were being shot up to us during time-outs. Well, that was the case until half way through the 4th quarter when we realized the game was going to end and we hadn’t tried the popcorn yet.

I know, I know. Poor guy. He did cheer up when I told him I was 97% sure the Nets had won.

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