Guys, I’ve spend the last few days in a deep dark hole of web design.

I’ve upgraded my blog. I switched from to I have successfully* transferred over all my content and customized a new theme. After days of grueling blog labour my internet child is alive and running. I am tired but elated!  The flowers on my Berlin desk have died but I have not laid them to rest. The vanilla scented candle beside them has been used up but I have not stopped lighting it.


The idea wasn’t to do it all myself – I am no expert, I’m not even a beginner  – but once I seriously considered upgrading I realized I could probably do it myself if I had the patience. I stand by my decision but it was not easy. There was a lot of cursing, crying and manic laughter. I think I even threatened someone’s life, but it’s okay because they couldn’t hear me.

I’ve been dreaming of custom styling codes, thinking about the DNS propagation of my site while pretending to listen to dinner conversation and fantasizing about the perfect plugin.

Sure, there are support forums and I did try using them, but the only real support came from my husband who replied to my every grunt and rant with an I love you.

You may not know the difference between and .org. You may be all like, ‘I build websites in my sleep. What’s all the yelling about’.  You may not even think that this space looks any different (SAY IT TO MY FACE!!) but this is huge for me. I’ve never been prouder of this space.


*It’s not perfect yet, but what is perfect?

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