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Big Sur Coast Cafe bigsurfcoastcafe Big Sur Big Sur Big Sur Big Sur

I, for one, am an advocate for no snacking before meals. I would say that snacking in between meals is okay but only when completely necessary. Like, say, if you were riding your bike past Gelato Messina and you noticed there was no line.

Sometimes things happen though; you don’t schedule dinner early enough or in the right location, and hunger slaps you right in the face as you’re trying to be the best tourist Big Sur has ever hosted.

We were looking left and right out of our minivan at the spectacle that is the California coast line. We made my parents pull over and let us out the back every time we spotted a more beautiful composition of ocean, tress, and rocks. Every 5 minutes. Big Sur is absolutely beautiful, there is no doubt about that, but when hunger hits everything just gets a bit fuzzy.

I was the hungriest out of the group, yet I was the one that wasn’t letting us stop for a snack. “Don’t you dare look at that cafe”, “Smell that BBQ in the air? Well, it will never be yours”! I was angry and harsh. A lot like Frank Underwood when he can’t get a colleague to “compromise”. But after fulfilling our goal of reaching McWay Falls, the only waterfall that falls straight into the Pacific Ocean, I was a self proclaimed nuisance.

Next thing I knew I was in line ordering a “snack” turned dinner at the Big Sur Coast Cafe, a wooden cabin with an art gallery on the first floor and a cafe at the top that overlooks a small section of that gorgeous coast line.

A deliciously cheesy macaroni and cheese with bacon was shared between Jack and I. Then a cheese board with cold meats and pate came out. A bowl of meatballs and a turkey sandwich. All you could hear from our table was “wow this is actually really good”, and then a “yea, ours too”.

How silly it was of me to hold us back just because these places down the coast weren’t pre-researched. 75% of the time not planning doesn’t work for me, and it’s a pain. Not to mention that with 7 people it takes an (not exaggerated) hour to decide on a place. When that 25% finds it’s way into our lives though, it is pure magic!

Thank you, Big Sur Coast Cafe, for bringing me back to life in a delicious way. I’m sorry,my dear family, that you had to put up with Hungry-Me for even one minute.

The Big Sur Coast Cafe 
49901 California 1, Big Sur, CA 93920, United States


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