The Best (Insert Thing Here) In The World


I would never, ever proclaim anything to be The Best (Insert Thing Here) in the World even if I though it was. That title is the ultimate mirage, don’t you think? No one has tried/seen/played with/tasted everything in the world so who are we to judge against the things we don’t know. Also, and especially for me, The Best (Insert Thing Here) In the World very often changes.

So I won’t say that I truly believe the hand cut potatoes and garlic chili prawns at the Robert Burns Hotel are the best in the world BUT! I will tell you that they are absolutely scrumptious and that I think about them a lot. And that if for some reason – a magic man, an evil genie if you will, – appeared before me and ordered me to choose one side dish and one side dish only to eat for the rest of my life, “you must be smart about this…” he’d say, “…because this side dish will follow you for the rest of your meals.” And to make things even easier he’d add, “Oh, and no matter what you choose you will only consume 50 calories per side dish.”

I’d look up at him (from my experience evil genies are always male) with a devilish smile and say, “I’ll have two. The hand cut potatoes and garlic chili prawns. You know from where. Please.”

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