The Beast playing at a Theatre in Southbank!

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My friend Bel, the one who blogs here, asked me if I would go along to a show at the Melbourne Theatre Company called The Beast by Eddie Perfect that she was dying to see. Without knowing a thing about the play or Eddie Perfect I said yes. See, I had actually been dying to go see a show. Any show. At all. I just assumed it was the same as NYC where it’s expensive and/or time consuming to get the good cheap tickets. But it’s not. It’s actually one of the easiest things ever… if you’re under 30 years old.

Maybe this isn’t that big of news to Melbournians, but I was bouncing off the walls. Theatre tickets for under 30’s are only $33 dollars AND! that’s to sit anywhere in the theatre. Can you believe it? I couldn’t!

I’m sorry about all the excitement (!!!), but my point is that after finding out that fun little pricing fact I was going to the play either way. I also felt like having a few cheeky beers at the Tram Bar in Southbank, which I always pass but never get to enjoy. The fact I truly and throughly loved The Beast was just a big, fat bonus check with a heck of a lot of zeros.

The Beast is funny, dramatic, relatable, and original. It’s got everything you sometimes wish other shows would have the guts to do. It surprised me with great lines that come out of nowhere but still somehow fit. It makes you question your morals as you laugh at “incidents” you maybe wouldn’t find so historical in front of your boss or grandmother and, to be honest, it feels nice.

The characters were my favorite part; complete extremes from each other, but all fun and exaggerated. They are probably half normal people (like the rest of us) in Real Life, but in the green pastures where they are determined to live sustainable lives they are the worst of themselves. It is absolutely fantastic to watch the chaos quickly unravel. The play also has a truly relatable side when the characters start swirling wine and judging it at their friend’s expense. And, I mean, I write about food experiences but had no idea how many types of lettuce there are in the world. You really do learn something new everyday, and in the most unexpected places!

The Beast really hit a chord with me. I’m one of those people who generally doesn’t laugh out loud at plays, but I have to tell you there were times I was swinging my head back and forth, laughing, wishing I knew what the fuck was really going on. In the best way possible.

It’s an amazing 2 hours and 30 minute (with a 20 minute interval, guys.) experience that I would recommend to anyone, even at full price!

The Beast by Eddie Perfect 

Melbourne Theatre Company 

South Bank Theatre, The Summer

Playing until November 9th! 


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