The Art of Eating Hobart


In my time stalking Hobart I realized there are two ways you can go about visiting – you can either make it a foodie trip or a sight seeing trip. We wanted a sight seeing trip that offered good food when we desperately needed it. It wasn’t the easiest task to find recommendations for food in Hobart so I thought this might help anyone planning a trip over there soon. OMG! You’re going this weekend? Excellent! Read below carefully.


What am I talking about? You’re probably too excited about your trip to read the anything carefully. Don’t worry… you’ll get the gist either way!


57-59 Hampden Rd Hobart, Tasmania 7004
I probably shouldn’t be mentioning them again. See here.

12 Salamanca Square, Battery Point TAS 7004, Australia

I really wanted to try this place. I dreamt of sitting amongst the washing machines and taking in the cheesiness of it all. AND! I read that someone had the best breakfast of their lives there so I thought it would be worth checking out.


Elizabeth Street Pier Sullivans Cove, Hobart Tasmania, 7000


Fresh Frenzy is on the left hand side of Elizabeth Street Pier. They offer delicious and fresh fish and chips which we devoured with Cascade beers. It’s easy, hassle free and quick, but you can also sit down and take your time if you wish.

47 Hampden Road Battery Point Hobart 7004
This Italian restaurant is the one place I regret not going. It’s in Battery Point which was where our Hostel was located. It’s really cute, inside and out. We stood in front of it for some time, taking in the atmosphere and the aromas. This place gets packed on the weekends so call and book ahead of time. The only time they had available for us was 5pm which interfered with our Sunday afternoon kayaking. It was a tough call.

5 Knopwood St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia



Preachers is a fun bar that serves good food. We went around 9pm Friday night because nothing else was open. They’ve got a great courtyard with plenty of outdoor seating, colorful fairy lights over head and a great selection of beer. Oh, and there’s a stationary bus at the back that’s decked out like a diner. You can scratch Dinner on A Bus off your bucket list ladies and gents. Also, the burgers and sandwiches are supported by Jack + McRoss buns. My goodness, they were fantastic!

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