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Run Melbourne

Sunday was a big day for Jack and I. We did the half marathon as part of Run Melbourne 2014. It was Jack’s first and my second.

If I would have had time on Saturday to put up my intended post, you would have read a story about a Debbie Downer who committed to the race months ago but didn’t feel ready for it. Jack and I are really competitive with ourselves. I was desperate to at least beat my previous time of 2 hours 6 minutes, Jack wanted to run it in under 2 hours (He was being safe. I knew he would do way better).

This past weekend was full of resting, eating the way a runner would (carbs and salt! yum!), getting all race essentials together, and creating our near-perfect running play list. We still didn’t feel ready.

The thing about running, for me, is that I’ll never feel race-ready. At the starting line, as the faster waves of people in front of me begin, I always end up cutting myself some slack. I have that last minute thought of ‘Oh, well, just make sure you finish the race.”

It was a completely different story at the finish line though. Jack was waiting for me after running the half in a total of 1 hour and 43 minutes. I beat my previous time by 12 minutes and ran it in 1 hour and 54 minutes. That’s not to be all showy offy, I’m just still shocked, giddy and hungry; and hoping it’s not all a big mistake.

I’m so proud of us and prouder to have had the honor of partaking in Run Melbourne. The atmosphere was contagious, the track was ravishing and medals are shiny ;). And what gorgeous weather we were lucky to get. The sun went up as we started the run and yellow flooded the city’s high-rises as we went through.

Even though I’m weak in the knees and getting to Fancy Hanks and Doughboys Doughnuts for a celebration feast was a struggle, I already can’t wait for the next half!

(If you wanna see what the race looked like from the point of view of a silly girl who misplaced her armband the night before and could not stop taking pictures with her phone during the run, click through!)

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