That Donkey is Not Your Friend

The only thing I don’t recommend you do in Greece is: Ride the donkeys.

Sure, go see the donkeys but remember they are not your friends. You will not be able to control these little devils. They will ram you into the stone wall until your leg gets scratched up and rashy. I’m not being a baby… it hurts!

Also, they don’t like to, even lazily, move around other tourists, they love to walk straight at them. I had to apologize to every tourist trying to enjoy the amazing view of Santorini.

The last reason not to do this is that no one who is Greek actually does this. Every time we shared  our experience with tan, dark and handsome Greek man they thought we were crazy. It’s for tourists

If you don’t take my advice and pay 5 Euros for one of these suckers, don’t grab the railings when your donkey forces you against the wall. There is a huge probability you will fall over the edge.

I’m convinced they (the donkeys) do this as pay back for making them stand perfectly still in rows of up to hundreds for hours, probably days.

Something I recommend you do in Greece: Rent an ATV/4 wheeler for the day!

Yes, rent it for the entire day. Before we even landed in Greece we were both forbidden to rent an ATV, and forced to promise we’d try it.

We passed on them in Mykonos, but in Santorini it seemed safer and less complicated to get around so we went for it.

The average price for one four wheeler is about 20 Euros + gas but it’s worth every penny to see the city in that way. We had ours for just two hours, leaving from Kamari Beach to the red sand beach and back. It was perfect, our salted hair was flowing in the wind, our helmets didn’t fit, the engines kept back firing, we had a map but got lost, we pulled over whenever we wanted to see the views, got thumbs up for being two girls on one 4 wheeler. To be honest, it ended up being my favorite part of the trip. Yes, way better than the donkeys.

It really took the beauty of Santorini to another level. I felt I was within it all instead of just someone passing through and looking in from a bus window. If (“when”) I get back there, I’ll rent a 4 wheeler for my entire stay.

Side note: Public Transportation is excellent in Santorini. Only 1.60 euros, clean, always on time and available to every destination you’re looking for.

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