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My personal goal when traveling is to fly away with enriching experiences, life long memories, cool souvenirs, and all that kind of stuff. My professional goal is to discover at least one amazing food recommendation in every city.

That way, when we’re hanging out and you tell me about your upcoming trip to Portland I can yell out, “TASTY N ADLER! Tasty n Adler is your Portland must go-to.”

Tasty n Adler provides the perfect Portland eating experience because it’s well-located, super cool, chill and, well, tasty. Every time we walked by the restaurant was overflowing with people. We were desperate to try it.

We were rejected by a two-hour wait time the first night we went. We only had ourselves to blame – no one eats at 7pm anymore. Having learned our lesson, we stopped by at 5pm the next day but got slapped in the face by a 45 minute wait. The third day we thought we had no chance, but decided to try anyway. There was no one sitting outside but when we walked through the threshold the waitress spanked us with another 45 minutes wait.

“But there’s no one sitting outside” I said, using the whiniest voice I could muster.
“Oh, I mean, yea. You can sit outside if you want.”
She looked at us like we were crazy.
“Yea, we’ll do that.”
“It’s just so hot. No one’s been wanting to sit out there.”
“We’ll be fine. Thank you.”

It was hot, but we relaxed under an umbrella and ordered ginger beer with extra ice. Sitting outdoors gave us a chance to people watch, anyway. There are some crazies on the streets of Portland and they are a treat to see.

Now. I want to tell you about the perfectly cooked Gaucho ribeye steak, and the Mexican street corn, and the fresh summer salad we devoured but the family-style menu is seasonal and changes often. What you should know is that you can trust their food. Order whatever you want because it will be incredible. Oh, but the fries will probably still be around so definitely order those!

W0rd to the wise: Tasty n Adler takes reservations for parties of 7+. So make sure you take 6 friends with you on your next trip to Portland. You’ll thank us later.

Tasty n Adler
580 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205
(503) 621- 9251

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