Taking a Compliment

As much as I absolutely love when my boyfriend pays me a compliment, I have to admit there is no better compliment than one that comes from a random woman. A woman you have no connection to, one who is not a friend of a friend of a friend, just a woman who takes time out of her busy day to stop and tell you what she’s noticed.

During The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations while in London this summer, I thought to myself I must dress up in the Queen’s honor today. I’m not really into fashion so I did the best I could with what I had then added red lipstick. It seemed like a good fit.

We went for a delicious Sunday Roast at Cat and Mutton with a group of friends. Four very pretty girls sitting to the side of us kept giving me the stink eye as soon as we sat down… or at least that’s what it felt like. I didn’t know what I did wrong so I told myself not to worry about it and just enjoy my dinner. So I did. On my way out one of the girls starting saying something to me. I thought Oh, no here it comes. I don’t know what i was expecting but I thought the worst. I leaned in closer so I could hear and she said, “The pop of red on your lips looks flawless. We just had to tell you.” 

I was perplexed and felt an embarrassingly huge smile come on my face.I couldn’t stop thanking them. I would have given her a hug if she wasn’t a complete stranger. I wanted to leave my friends, pull a chair over to their table and make some new ones. Long live the Queen, I thought!

I think most women dress for other women. When a man compliments me I’m polite and say thank you but immediately think No, you’re color blind. You probably think this is a shade of orange. But when a woman compliments me I’m all like Oh My Goodness! Thank you! I can’t believe you noticed! (Only add in more exclamation marks.)

I’ve notice that we, the sisterhood, don’t complement each other enough. I for one am afraid to go up to a random person and give them a compliment. But we can all tell when someone has put in a little extra effort, so why not celebrate it? Next time I see that woman on the subway with the exact polca dotted jeans from Madewell I wish I could pull off, I’ll just tell her!

Very relevant side note: If you’re using a public bathroom and there is no more toilet paper in the stall you’re in, for the love of good hygiene and the sisterhood tell the girl who is going in after you. If you’re embarrassed because you don’t want people to think you drip-dried, lie. Say you’re sorry but you used the last of the toilet paper.  I can, without a doubt, guarantee the girl be grateful and you’ll a compliment in return.

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