Take me back to Mission.

Farina Pizza

From what I’ve heard San Francisco’s Mission District, it is the east village of New York City and the Fitzroy of Melbourne and the Brick Lane of London.

These types of places are destined to get mixed reviews. They’re different, they’re niche. In my mind though they all deserve an A+, even if I completely understand how others could not agree. But! Sometimes I want to get a bit feisty and say others just don’t GET IT.

Street art definitely isn’t for everyone. There are people that don’t notice the beauty in a place like Mission District. It’s filled with the little things; like skeletons lovers dancing all over the streets gutter. Some people aren’t impressed by a street full of innovative, unique and quality offerings. Some people aren’t stirred by a neighborhood that offers excellent cafe after magnificent restaurant after exquisite bakery. And that’s okay. I’m (kinda) completely and (sort of) totally okay with it. I guess that if everyone preferred the same lifestyle there would not be enough room for everyone.

One thing I know for sure though is that even those people cannot doubt the goodness of the pizza at Farina Pizza. Holy hell!

It was only meant to be a snack.

The Bufalina Pizza – San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, romano cheese, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil and a special addition of anchovies – pictured above was ordered by only 2 (me included) out of the 7 of us because “no one else was hungry”. What a joke. As the pizza was placed on our table all hands came up, all plates were cleared, all mouths watered. It was all gone in 3 minutes.

If I had to do one thing differently it would be to spend more eating time in MISSION DISTRICT.

Farina Pizza 
700 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Come in for some more pictures of Mission (as the wanna-be-locals and I call it).

Mission District Mission District Farina Pizza Mission District San Francisco missiondistrictMission District Mission District Mission District San Francisco Farina Pizza

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