Hong Kong Wilson Trail

Hiking Hong Kong: Wilson Trail




The best type of city, in my confident opinion, is one that offers both a busy urban lifestyle and the opportunity to explore The Great Outdoors (see: Portland, Melbourne, Queenstown, LA). Is that greedy? Yes. Is it true? Also yes. I mean, really, who doesn’t love ending a tough 10k hike with a pumping Happy Hour? No one that’s who. Everybody LOVES it and that’s a (made up) fact.

Enter Hong Kong: a city that offers the biggest balance of both these things with class and ease.

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It’s Curry Night! It’s Cheap Curry Night!


Are you doing anything tonight? I know it’s Tuesday, but I swear I have a good idea! I know, I know I rather go straight home after work, sit on my Ikea sofa bed and catch up on Game of Thrones too. I know, I KNOW, I rather drag the heater over right in front of my feet instead of having to wear double socks to stand the start of the cold Melbourne winter outside.

But listen, sometimes we just have to grow up and hang out with our friends during the work week. And sometimes we must be adults about it and seek out the most cost effective activity that will keep us on our weekly budget! Ah ha! I have just the thing… Tuesday Curry Night at the London Tavern Hotel in Richmond.

The deal is a big, fat, delicious plate of curry – you’re given 3 options, what you choose is up to you – for $10 dollars; the gorgeous beer garden is just a bonus. I know, I KNOW we mentioned the cold before but the whole place is heated and cozy and wonderful. And I know you don’t want to go to a beer garden if you’re not drinking, but, I mean, I know you know that I know that we all sometimes secretly just want a drink, so get one!

Chances are you will still be home before 9:30, right on  time for one episode of Game of Thrones. Anything more that one a night would be greedy and selfish really. Some people are already up to date on season 3 and actually have to wait a few days for the next one.

Cookie Time!

You know when you’re on holiday and you come across a place you wish was in your neighborhood? Then you think about it a little more and you become thankful that you don’t have it at home because it may or may not become the reason for your obesity.

Well maybe you don’t, but that’s what Cookie Time is for me. If Cookie Time was in my neighborhood I would absolutely, without a doubt go in everyday and order a Hot Chocolate Chip Cookie. As Charlie Brown said, “You’ll never convince me there is more to life than Chocolate Chip Cookies”.

These cookies come out of the oven and straight into my mouth. The staff seemed to be making them every 10 minutes. It never bothered them if we decided to wait for the next batch either.

One cookie is $2.50 New Zealand dollars which isn’t bad at all. But they have an amazing thing called Happy Hour. Yes, Happy Hour for cookies! Buy one get one free! What! (I’m sorry The exclamation marks are out of my control!)

I’m not saying you should fly half way around the world to New Zealand for a cookie, but if you happen to stumble upon Queenstown, New Zealand, as many of us do, go to Cookie Time. Sit at the beautiful park on Camp Street and enjoy the Cookie Happy Hour with a friend. Or enemy. I’m positive anyone will enjoy.

Fun fact: Cookie Time held the record of World’s Biggest Cookie for 12 years! The cookie covered an area 487.15 square metres, and contained 24,000 eggs. Impressive! Oh, no the exclamation marks are coming back.